Our Partners

1) Buda Security Inc

"Buda Security Inc. offers a comprehensive range of outstanding security services to meet the needs of companies, institutions, individuals and events, all of which face more challenging threats and possible exposures than ever before."

Security Services
  • Executive and Personal Protection
  • Armed and Unarmed guards
  • Security for Special Events and Major Entertainment Venues
  • Security Surveys and Consulting
  • Security Systems Integration and Installation
  • Security Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • Technical Countermeasures
  • I.T. Security
Investigations & Intelligence
  • Corporate/Private Investigations
  • Surveillance-Physical and Electronic
  • Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery
  • Due Diligence & Background Checks
  • Litigation Support and Asset Searches
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Witness Location & Interviews
  • Crisis Management Preparedness/Response/Remediation
  • Disaster Mitigation Products

2) Ukraine NGO Coordination Network (UNCN)

About UNCN
UNCN is a network of 30+ NGOs (primarily 501c3s) based on the “team of teams” concept. These NGOs have learned from prior crises, including the evacuation of Afghanistan, that a collaborative effort can achieve results greater than the sum of its parts. UNCN was formed to provide an outward-facing single point of contact for those wishing to assist the NGOs doing the meaningful work on the ground and to centralize resource intake (both financial and non-financial) and deconflict and collaborate operations amongst NGOs.

The constituent groups of UNCN were among the first non-profit organizations running operations in Ukraine. Members of UNCN organizations were tracking the deteriorating security situation in Ukraine even before the Russian invasion, and within 24 hours, were actively working to assist those in-country.

Core Capabilities

Better Together

UNCN’s member organizations include experienced teams of active and retired military personnel (including special operations veterans), retired senior intelligence officers, medical experts, translators, former USAID development experts, and frontline civilians who have decades of experience mobilizing and responding to humanitarian emergencies in armed conflicts. We are currently mobilizing operations to support the evacuation of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and provide on the ground direct assistance to communities in need.

• Evacuation
• Humanitarian Aid & In-Country Medical Assistance
• Open Source Intelligence
• Translation Services
• Logistics Support
• Fundraising & Resource Intake

3) Ironside Intelligence (II)

"Ironside Intelligence, Inc. provides a superior array of intelligence packages as well as security services."

-Intelligence Collection
-Security Services
-Blockchain Solutions

4) Stop the Demand Project

"Stop the Demand Project is a campaign dedicated to combating human trafficking through educational change."


Their Vision

RSBN's Grace Saldana interviews Sophia Fisher, founder of "Stop the Demand Project", a campaign dedicated to combating human trafficking through educational change.

Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube

5) Black Sheep Training Group LLC

"Black Sheep Training Group brings over 130 years of Military and Law Enforcement combat experience to their practice. It is for this very reason they pride themselves in the techniques and training they offer and are very well respected in their practice.

Their founders include Navy SEAL, Expeditionary, Military Law Enforcement, Weapons and Tactics Instructors as well as instructor staffs of decorated U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy and civilian First Responder personnel. "


6) Ghostdog Adventure CO.

"Ghostdog Adventure Co (GDAC) was founded on providing a community through action adventure events for its patrons and supporters. GDAC wants to utilize this community connection to help push some good into the world. During the first major event this year they will be introducing and providing a platform for Atlantic Counter Trafficking (ACT) to personally spread their message and walk every individual through how they too can help fight human trafficking."